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Your mind is just a recording device. It records everything from the moment you were born until the moment you die. These records are then stored in the Akashic records. This is the place where all your memories are stored from all your past lives. Not only your lives but the lives of everyone that has ever lived on this planet. This is known as the place of all knowledge. It is believed that all the great men and women that presented us with their great gifts were able to do this because they were able to tap into the Akashic records and receive the knowledge that they were then able to pass on to others. Thomas Edison once stated that all the ideas he came up with were in the air around us and that he only tapped into them. There are resources available to you when you access the Akashic record through meditation. Do not be dismayed with the idea of meditation. Meditation is no more than quieting your mind. Thomas Edison was famous for taking naps when he was looking for the answer to some of his greatest inventions. In his book Think And Grow Rich Napoleon Hill gives the story of a man he knew who became wealthy just by sitting for ideas.

Your body is the greatest gift the creator could have given you. Your body is your friend and if you learn to listen to it then it will guide you into the being in the proper shape. It is not a matter of what your weight should be. It is a matter of what weight is right for you. We are all different and some carry weight better than others. One way to see what is good for you is the use of muscle testing. This is done by holding one arm straight out and gently pushing it down using just two fingers from the other hand. You ask yourself a true or false question then press down on your straighten arm. If you can easily push your arm down then it is false. Learn to talk to your body. You are the commander and chief of your body talk to your body then take time to listen. When your body tells you that you are full stop eating. When your body tells you it needs rest take a break or go to bed. When your body tells you that you really do not need that sweet thing do not eat it. A lot of the times we eat because we are bored. Other times is when we feel stressed. Instead of reaching for something to eat when we are bored or stressed go for a walk. Or just step outside for some fresh air. When you learn to listen to your body it will guide you to the best health you can have.

The spirit side of you is your connection to the Higher Source. It is said that life did not come with a instruction manual. Well the truth is that it did. That instruction manual is your connection with the Higher Source. You have to have a personal relationship with the Higher Source. We need to teach our children how they can have a personal relationship with the Higher Source. It is though your relationship with the Higher Source that all your needs will be met. It is though this relationship that we know what is right and what is wrong. We do not have to be told what is right or what is wrong. When we are connected with the Higher Source and that still small voice tells us not to do something then do not do it. It is the small things that are corrected while they are still small that will not grow into big things. You can tell who is connected to the Higher Source though their actions. If a person is living a life where he or she is being a service to others instead of being a service to self then this person is connected to the Higher Source. The problem is most people do not realize what they want to do with their life. This is because they have never taken the time to connect with the Higher Source for direction in their life. If as a small child we where taught to have a personal relationship with the Higher Source and learned to trust this Higher Source. Then we have no trouble knowing what to do with our lives. And our lives would be a journey instead of a struggle.

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