Change Is On The Horizon

Change for you can start today. The ball is in your court and it is up to you to decide what to do. The Higher Source stands at your door knocking and it is up to you to open the door. The Higher Source does not offer a change in the twinkle of an eye because there is much you have to unlearn. It took years for you to develop your belief system and it will take time to change this belief system. Not to say that there is anything wrong with your belief system, but I am sure that there are beliefs that are no longer servicing you.

Change is coming as more people are taking responsibility for their own lives. More people are beginning to realizing that they are responsible for their actions. It is your life and only you can change it. Every day there are more people presenting their success stories that they were able to accomplish because they started to believe in themselves and the Higher Source. These are people just like you and me, people who have tried over and over again to improve themselves. That is now seeing success in their lives that was not that before.

People have more information available today than at any time in history. The facts that have been hidden for years are now coming to light. The evil forces are being exposed for what they are. Many people are working behind the scenes to help people wake up to what is really going on. Remember that it is always the darkest before the dawn. A new day is coming that will bring peace and prosperity available to all that seek it.

We are entering a new age where life will be easier because of more light available for all to see. As more light is becoming available it will be easier to reach your goals and accomplish your desires. The time between the request is made to the Higher Source and the request being filled is growing shorter. This is not only for good desires but also undesirable desires. Watching your thoughts is becoming more important because negative thoughts are manifesting themselves at an alarming rate. Just the other day my grandsons truck overheated. It turned out there was a small leak in the bottom hose. I felt that if he checked his fluid levels more often than the problem could have been prevented. The very next morning my low fluid light came on because I have not been keeping a closer eye on my fluid levels.

I tried to pass my problem off on the shop that had changed my oil the week before for not checking all my fluid levels. Then I realized that after all, it is my car so the upkeep falls on me. Taking responsibility for all the things that happen in a person’s life the good and the bad. Is the sign of an enlightened person. A person that learns to take responsibility for his life will see more blessings come into his life. Becoming enlightened is not easy but the rewards are well worth it.

About The Author

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