The Power Of Self

You are a spiritual being that has complete control over every part of your life. Everything takes second place to your spiritual being. You are a child of the Higher Source and nothing can separate you from the Higher Sources unconditional love. Envision a world of peace and love. A world of caring and being a part of the whole. Where no one is above or below anyone else. You are the king of your own world. Connected to other worlds though the Higher Source. Working together for the good of all.

You have the power. You are the power. The power of all good and evil in your life because you have choice. You are the master even above the Higher Source in the fact that the Higher Source has to honer your choices. You can choose to work towards the good of all or work with the evil ones of the world. People who do not seem to have any thought of things of the spirit but only seek the things of this world. Not knowing that they are spiritual beings. Things of the spirit are foolishness to them. They have no part of it in their life.

Yet there is a vast army of workers of good. People who look at the power there is though the Higher Source. People who are working to take the truth of self and sharing it with others. Be assured that you are loved more than you will ever realize. Your true self is your spiritual side the hidden side. The part of yourself that view take time to come familiar with. The ones that do take the time find the power of the inner self. The power to take complete control over your life in line with your connection with the Higher Source.

This Higher Source is the most powerful force in the universe and you are part of that source. The power of the Higher Source flows though you and around you. It lifts you up and protects you. It gives you peace in time of sorrow. Hope during times of trouble. The Higher Source will direct your path that leads to the life you not only desire but the life that is best for you. All this is available to you if you wish it for your life. No church to join no group to belong to just you and the Higher Source. Walking in love and bringing peace to this world one person at a time. A powerful force lead by the Higher Source though the spiritual self of individuals. The hidden army of the Higher Source.

All who seek to better themselves and to better others by the way of the spirit. Are part of this army if they realize it or not. So welcome to the army of the Higher Source. Welcome to a better life, a better understanding of what life is truly about and a better understanding of your true self. Welcome to the family.

About The Author

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