We Are Not Alone

You can look up in the sky at night and look at all the stars and know that there is no way that we are the only life forms in the universe. The question is are we being influenced by beings from other planets? Some people believe that we are. The fact is that there are a lot of unexplained events and things in our world. There are also a lot of people who believe we are arriving at the time of the great spiritual ascension.

No matter which theory you believe in. The bottom line is that there is a great awaking going on at this time. That the consciousness level of this planet is starting to rise to a higher level. People are waking up to the fact that there is more to us than was originally thought. That the time of warring with each other is coming to an end. That there is now a force out there that is working for world peace. The fact is we can gain more by working with each other through peace than we could ever achieve through war. The people who controlled us from the beginning of time through fear and hate are losing and the truth of the possibility of living through peace and love is being realized by more and more people each day.

Peace starts with you. Each individual has to learn to achieve peace within their own heart. This is achieved by going within and getting in touch with the spirit that is our true self. It is impossible to hate another person when there is love in your heart. You may have made mistakes in the past. That does not matter. You have to forgive yourself and start to love yourself. We are all human and we all make mistakes. You may still have to pay back society for your mistakes, but we can still renew your mind.

So what does it mean by having this mind in you that was also in Christ Jesus? All you have to do is look at how Jesus responded with other people. Jesus always responded with love. Jesus always acted out of compassion for others. Jesus is an example of how we are able to live our lives. Putting the miracles aside because most of us do not believe that we can perform the same miracles that Jesus performed. We see Jesus living his life as a peaceful man. Jesus was also a great teacher. The teachings of Jesus are that we are loved by the Higher Source. That we should always act out of love when dealing with others. That you should love yourself.

There is enough evidence out there if you care to look for it, of people who have learned to live out of love and the rewards that they are reaping from their loving actions. The peace you feel when you enter their homes. The joy you see in their face. The love you feel coming from their hearts. They only desire to help others and freely give whatever they can to that means. These are truly children of the Higher Source, and they show it in their actions and deeds. They seem to lack nothing and are grateful for what they have.

This can be your life. It is available to anyone. It will not happen overnight but as you learn to walk in love. You will start to see a change in your life. As you renew your mind and replace old negative thoughts with new positive thoughts. You will see a different response from people you come in contact with. You will walk with a spring in your step and joy in your heart. You will find that you sleep better at night. That you seem to get sicker less often. That you have the desire to learn more about having a positive life. You will find the answers and have a better life because it is written: “Those who seek shall find”.

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