Do Not Forsake Me

If you forsake me and my true teachings. You are forsaking yourself for we are one. You are first and foremost a spiritual being. Yet few of my children seem to realize this. They believe that because they are in this world that they are part of this world. Yet you are the only being on the planet that has the power of free choice. The choice to either follow your inner witness or your carnal mind.

Everything about you can be brought into balance. You are in balance when your mind, heart, and spirit is in complete alignment with the Higher Source. Your balance will lead you to live a life of peace within yourself. As a balanced person, you enjoy a healthier mind and body.

You forsake me with your doubts about your future. Your ways are not my ways. It is not your job to deice the ways I choose to bless you. Your job is to have faith in the Higher Source. To believe that I will provide for all your needs. That I have plans for you that are far greater than you can ever imagine. Your doubt about yourself is your doubt in me. Your doubt about your talents and abilities is your doubt about the gifts that I have made available for you.

You have control over the thoughts that pass through your mind. You can choose to dismiss them or dwell on them. By dwelling on them you are inviting other similar thoughts to enter your mind. By dismissing negative thoughts you are setting up a barricade against other negative thoughts entering your mind. Dwelling on positive thoughts you open your mind to accepting other positive thoughts into your mind. People who think positively have better health and peace of mind.

The benefit of learning to be guided by your intuition which one of the ways the Higher Source speaks to you. Is that it leads to a balanced life. The Higher Source will guide you in all areas of your life. The advantage of this is that you will find that you can accomplish more by doing less. The reason for this is that the Higher Source will show you what you need to do to get the best result from your efforts. It may take a little longer time doing it this way but the results will be more in line where everyone involved will win.

The great thing about following the Higher Source is that it is a private matter. No one has to know what your belief system is unless you decide to share it with them. You can enjoy all the benefits of being lead by the Higher Source without going to meetings. You can also apply these teachings with your current belief system. Ask yourself the question “What would Jesus do”? Let this question be your guide when trying to decide which path you should follow. Jesus was sent here to show to interact with the Higher Source. He is said to go out and often pray which is just another form of meditation.

Jesus always put the will of the Higher Source above his own. In fact that Jesus even stated that he and the Higher Source are one. There are many Christians that have received many blessings in their lives because they stood on promises that they found in the bible. The Higher Source has no respect who the person is. The Higher Source will stand behind his promises no matter who the person that is asking for them. People who receive their answers from the Higher Source. Are the people who come to the Higher Source knowing that their request will be honored. Not hoping, not believing but knowing their needs will be fulfilled by the Higher Source.

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