Who We Really Are

We are an extension of the Higher Source. We are gods of our own worlds. The problem is that most people do not realize that we are gods. Our world is our thoughts and emotions. We have the possibility to best understand this by taking the time to watch our thoughts. If you can watch your thoughts then you realize that you are not your thoughts. The thoughts that we become aware of can be either accepted or rejected. We become the thoughts that we accept and dwell on. That is why we can change our current direction by changing our thoughts. Thoughts become beliefs and over time become our knowing. There is a big difference between believing and knowing. If We say that we believe in something there is always the question of doubt behind it. By saying that we believe, we are really saying that we do not know for sure. Saying that we know something we are saying there is no doubt about it. That as far as we are concerned this is our truth, and we will stand behind it even if there is no way to prove it.

Knowing is the foundation of our belief system. It is upon this rock I will build my church. Your body is your personal church. Your personal world. This is what determines who you are as far as other people’s worlds are concerned. It is the physical projection that others see. The part of your personal world that only the people within your inner circle have a chance to see. Yet even they only get hints about who you really are. The reason for that is that there are parts of ourselves that even we do not realize. We have talents and abilities that we do not realize we have. The time will arrive when we need to put these hidden talents to use then they will appear to us. Most people are surprised at what they are capable of doing until the opportunity presents itself where they have to use these talents or abilities.

There is an old saying “Control your money or money will control you.” The same thing can be said about emotions. If you do not learn to control your emotions others will use your emotions to control you. This is seen when a mob rules. A person stands up and uses their ability to arise emotions in other people to get these people to do what they want. For years the media was able to control the masses by the propaganda they presented. The propaganda can be used for either good or evil. Franklin D. Roosevelt used propaganda to get America out of the Great Depression. He had the newspapers and pastors promote that we were in time recovery and that the Great Depression was coming to an end. While others though history have used propaganda to get and maintain their power over others.

Even family members learn how by their actions they can get an emotional response from you. There are some people in your family that enjoy saying and doing things that upset you. This is called pushing your buttons. Then other family members wonder what your problem is. That is because similar actions by other family members do not upset you. I believe it is because some people do not know when to stop what they are doing. The wedge they are driving between their relationship with the other family member could last a lifetime. So now anytime that they come in contact with this other family member the old wounds are still there even if they do not realize it.

The only way you can repair these wounds is to forgive yourself for having them. Then learn to defuse these buttons. Over time their actions will have fewer effects over you until the buttons become completely defused. This is a process that I am still working on with one of my family members. I know that in reality, it has nothing to do with him. That it is something I have to work out within myself.

The only way a person can really do this is to understand that they have control over your own world. Then use this control which is all internal to form the world that they want to live in a world of love and peace. The love and peace that can only be learned from knowing the Higher Source and living through his example. The example of unconditional love.

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