Your Light

As an individual, you are more than just flesh and blood. You have different systems that are involved in your being. You have an emotional system and you have a rational system. These are the two main systems that everyone uses from day to day. You can either respond out of emotions or your rational mind. Whenever you respond with your emotional system there is a chance that you will have a negative response. Whenever you take time to pause for a second or two you have a chance to come to a rational response.

Most people respond with these two systems yet there is a third system. The third system is your spiritual system. We all have the spiritual system yet not everyone is aware of this system. This is the system that we are able to get in contact with by going within. People who become aware of this system have the possibility to go through a life change. That is because not everyone who becomes aware of this system uses it.

The system in all reality is just your inner self. This is the system of love. First, you have to learn how to love yourself. It is though the love of yourself that you are able to love others. It is a system where you see yourself for what you truly are a spiritual being having a physical experience. Now you know what you really are you can look at others for who they truly are another spiritual being. You can better understand others because, even though we are neither higher nor lower than anyone else, we have a better idea where they are coming from.

We all learn at different levels, and we are also exposed to different information. No one is in the position where they can put down others because of where they are along their own path to enlightenment. Everyone is on their path to enlightenment or if they choose they do not have to even think about enlightenment. There are those that have not even heard about enlightenment and then there are those who are not interested in enlightenment. It is not our job to change others. Our job is to hold out the light that is present inside ourselves for all to see and let them choose what they want to do about it. Our job is to only share what we have learned and present to others for them to decide if the information would be of any value to them.

The light is given to all of us. It is inside each one of us and it is up to each individual to decide what they want to do with this light. For me, I have decided to let my light shine.

About The Author

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