Your World

Whom can you influence? The truth you only have complete control over only one thing, that is your mind. You have control over the world that you live in, nothing else. You may use your time and money to help others who are the leaders in the world. To create policies that can improve the world you live in but your world is yours alone.

So what is your world? Your world is your mind and space that is immediately around you. Some consider this your comfort zone. You take your world everywhere you go. But since you can only be in one place at a given time. Your world is where ever you are at any given moment. You interact with other worlds only when you are there. When the cats away the mice will play. You can set agreements with other people’s worlds when you are present. This is only a request on how you wish them to act in your presence.

There are acceptable actions that are in place for everyone to follow when they are interacting with other people’s worlds. This is to ensure harmony among individual worlds. So when individuals break from this norm they open themselves to face the consequences.

The great thing about understanding this definition of your world. It is now you know what you have complete control over. Some may be set back about the limited control they have. Others find it very liberating because they know where to focus their attention.

You have control over your world through your beliefs. You can choose what and what not to believe. You can have a singular mindset or a duality mindset. A duality mindset believes that if there is love there has to be hate. If it is good there has to be evil. If there is light there has to be darkness. While a singular mindset, you can see only love and not hate. You can see only good and no evil. Only light without darkness.

You attract what you believe. If you believe it is evil in other worlds then you will attract evil in your world. But what if you believed that even though it is evil in other worlds. That evil does not have to be part of your world. That even though there is hate in other worlds. That hate does not have to be part of your world. That even though there is darkness in other worlds. That darkness does not have to part of your world.

Can you see how much control you have though your mind? Can you see how much control over what you are willing to accept in your world? If you do not take control over your world someone else will. Most people do not take control of their world. So they are left to accept anything that comes along. Be it good or be it evil. The fact is most people do not even know that they can take control of their world. They believe that they are part of the world as a whole. So they are left to accept anything the world offers them.

The best way to have a world that you what is though imagination. If you can image the best world possible for you. Then believe that it can become a reality. Then for you, it can become a reality.

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