Many Minds One Body

Each and every cell of our bodies has its own mind. Every organ has it own thoughts. When we can bring our desires in harmony within our total body then ask and you will receive. That is when you can combine our feelings and emotion into our words then there is nothing that can stop us from receiving.

As we ask we have to image it as already a reality. Simpler said then done but this language of the spirit. The Higher Source said let there be light and there was light. The Higher Source did not say let there be light and pray for it to be so and wait for it to manifest. He said it and it was.

When Jesus walked upon this Earth there was no time between his request and the manifestation. Nor did at any time did Jesus make a request for his own good. Jesus knew that all his needs would be meant so there was nothing for him to do but receive. Jesus was in complete alignment with his body, mind and spirit.

Jesus taught us to not have any cares. It is our cares and doubts that we live in fear. We worry about tomorrow instead of living in the now. While Jesus taught that we should worry about tomorrow. We ruin our now by worrying about our yesterdays and our tomorrows. I am currently caught in this trap and this message is not only for you it is also for me. For even though all my needs are currently meant I am worrying about tomorrow. Yet I feel in my heart that Higher Source will provide for me and my family. I am looking though the eyes of the world instead of the eyes of the spirit.

I also know that I have been giving the talent to write and that as long as I use these Higher Source given talents that I will never lack. I know that I am bringing my mind, body and spirit into alignment. I also know now that this is something I had to go though so that I could share with others and give them hope. I am a fool and am not afraid to omit it but as I sit here feeling the love of the Higher Source pour over me. A fool will I no longer be. For where there is love there is hope. Where there is hope there is faith and within this faith there is knowing.

This is what is called transformation from the fears of the world to the knowledge of the spirit. For just as Jesus only gave so to must I only give. Give my love to the world by using my talents. To fear not but to share all that I am and all that I hope to become. I know years from now someone will read these words and understand. Then they too will go though a transformation.

I also know that I am living in the doubts of others. I can feel the doubts of others around me and I question my own talents or are these my own doubts being reflected back to me? Maybe just maybe they have all the faith in the world in me for how can I tell what is in the minds and hearths of others. Maybe just maybe it is the knowledge of my past failures that is holding me back from my currents success.

These things I am being lead to say and I will not hold them back for in these words I am blessings others. This is way I am here. This is my purpose.

About The Author

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