We Are One

Together we can accomplish anything for in numbers there is greatness. No one is an island to succeed in this life it takes numbers. If you plan on accomplishing anything of greatness there is a number of people that has to be involved. The Higher Source has created us to work together to accomplish our goals. If you look out at the stars at night you can see how the universe works together to keep the universe running in a perfect balance. Each plant has affects on other plants and on the universe as a whole. If something happens to one planet it affects other plants around it and may affect other parts of the universe for years to come.

When you are in alignment with the Higher Source then things just seem to come together for everyone involved. As you work towards goal you may meet someone that will be willing to help you achieve your goal or you may an idea just pop into your head that will bring you further down the road towards your goal. After all it only takes one good idea to turn things 180 degrees around. To turn what seems to be a failure into a total success.

You and the Higher Source are one and it is a lot easier to accomplish your goals when you are in alignment with the Higher Source then try to accomplish though using brute force. That is not to say that you cannot achieve your goals by your own efforts. All I am saying is that it is a lot easier working with the Higher Source then it is trying to do it on your own.

Everything you see around was made available thou the effort of a group of people. Nothing in existence was created though the efforts of just one individual. It may have started with one individual having the idea but then it was though the efforts of many individuals to make that idea become a reality. So you may be the idea man or you may be the one who finances the project. You may be the labor who helps to make the idea become a reality.

You have the privilege of finding your place in the workings of the universe and connecting to the Higher Source to fulfill your purpose. There is not a greater feeling then to know you are fulfilling your purpose in universe and are helping others because that is what it is all about helping others.

There are two ways to create a product of service. The first way is to find a need and then create something to fill the need. The second way is to create a product or service and then try to convince others that your product will fulfill a perceived need. That is a need that is not out there to be fulfilled but one where someone convinces you that you need it. You can tell which products have a real need and which one do not by the sales that are generated when the economy goes down. When money is flowing you are more then likely to buy a product because it looks cute then when money is tight and you realize you really do not need it because you cannot afford to buy it.

You may believe that the product you have created will fulfill a need but the real test is once you have created the product is the amount of sales you are able to create. So now you have the task of convincing others how this product will meet a need that they do not have. Ouch welcome to my world. So then it is your task to add more value to your product by helping others meet a need.

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