You Are Successful

You are a child of the universe but you live in your own world. This is a world of vibration where each of us vibrate at a different vibration. Depending on our feelings we vibrate on a different vibrations. The way we are vibrating depends on what we are receiving.

The Higher Source wants only the best for you but that depends on where you are in relation to the Higher Source on a vibration level. This way others seem to have greater results even though you are taking the same actions that they are. That is because they are at a different vibration then you are. So there has to be an alignment between the actions and the vibrations you are at. This explains way such a small percent of people involved in a program have success with that program.

The fact is the eight to ten percent of the people who are successful in a given program need the rest of the people in the program for them to be successful. So even though you are not as successful as the top eight to ten percent of the people in the program. You are successful at the level you are at. The truth is we are all successful human beings. We are just successful at different things.

Yes there are people that feel that their lives are complete failure when in reality there are no such things as a failures. You may not have had the success in the giving program that you feel you should had have but it may just have been a stepping stone to something else or it may have just been a learning experience. Here is something you have to think about we all have success each and everyday of our lives. Every time you are presented with a problem, no matter how small it is, and you figure out how to solve it you have experienced a successful outcome. Even though you may have had to go to some else to get the solution to the problem. You where successful in knowing where to go to find the solution.

It is your job to celebrate all your success in life no matter how small. This will give you the knowledge and convenience that you are a successful person. We each have a place in the universe that we need to be in and as long as you can feel that you are where you are suppose to be doing what you are suppose to be doing then you are a success. No matter what anyone else says.

You are an ever evolving, ever growing human being. The things you experience were put there to help you grow. Look for the lessons that you have learned and the growth that you have achieved by going though this experience. I know that it is had to see what advantage this experience has in your life while you are in the middle of it but believe me you will see the advantage of the experience after you have left this experience behind you.

The Higher Source is still in control even though at times it does not seem to be that way. You have agreed to walk down a certain path when you came into this world. So two things may be happening if you are facing problems. The first is that this is the path you have agreed to walk down to help others or the other is that you have wondered off the path you have agreed to walk on and the problems you are facing are there to help you get on to the right path.

Life is to be experienced. If everything came to you when you wanted it without some kind struggle. You would not have grown or learned much. The Higher Source knows what you need to advance in the growth you have come here to experience and he will always provide it for you. So take it easy on yourself. Mistakes will be made and lessons will be learned but as long as you feel you are at where you suppose be. Then everything is going just fine.

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