Life Is Meant To Be Enjoyed

The world was created for man. Everything else was created for the good of man. The systems were put in place to be able to provide for the good of man. When the universe was created the Higher Source was aware that the day would come when your planet would come into existence. So the universe was created to be able to support this planet. As the other planets continue in their obit they have an influence on your planet. The moon creates the tides. The sun provides not only light but also the rays that provide for the plants and animals on your planet. Everything was provided for you.

When everything was in place then and only then was man placed on this planet. Man was provided with everything that he needed to enjoy life. To live in harmony and peace being in abundant of all good things. This is not a school were you are suppose to learn lessons. Nor are you evolved from a lower live form. You are not an accident. Each of you requested to take on the human form. You made the choice to come onto this planet and this may or may not have been the first time you have choose to come here. The reason you came here is for the joy of life.

Life is not meant to be hard nor are you here to be in suffering and pain. The reason there is suffering and pain is because some of you have deiced that you wanted to go though suffering and pain. Then some others wanted to feel the power of inflecting pain and suffering on others. Even to the point of causing death of another. This was all done by choice. This is not what the Higher Source wanted but man was giving the power of choice. All this came about when man lost touch with the Higher Source. When man felt that he was all alone, he felt that there was nothing he could do wrong to bring around the end result. Man reasons with the carnal mind that he has not done anything wrong. Man has learned to put his own pleasures above the needs of others.

In a world of abundance man has found a way to create shortages so that he could benefit from these shortages. While warehouses are over flowing, people are going hungry. While stores are filled with everything a person could ever want, people are living in lack. While some hoard billions of dollars others are broke. All these things are done out of the choice of man not the Higher Source.

This the reality that most people see on this planet but it does not have to be your reality. There is a Higher Source that wants to protect you from the world we see today. There is a Higher Source that wants to provide you with everything you need to have a joyful life. The bible states that we should not worry what we will eat, what will we drink or what will be clothed with because the Higher Source knows that you need these things. The only thing you need to do is come in alignment with the Higher Source though your Higher Self and all these things will be added to you.

Then you can make your desires known to the Higher Source though your imagination. Imagine the things that will give you a joyful live and trust that the Higher Source will provide it to you. Some people use what is called a vision board and they would add things they desired to the vision board. This way they always had a way to keep track of their desires and where able to know when each desire was fulfilled. Others would make a scrap book and add them with images of the things that they desire. These are only examples of ways you can focus on your desires until the Higher Source creates them as a reality in your life.

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