Who Is In Control

There is only one who can be in control at any moment. Either you are in control or you are being controlled. Remember that this is your life and the only one that should be control of it is you. I will admit that there are times when you are not in control because of the environment we live in. It is at those times that even though you have no control of the environment, you still have control how you react to it. You can either have a knee jerk response to it or you can have a controlled response to it. The choice is yours.

The difference between knee jerk response and a controlled response is by becoming aware of your buttons. We all have buttons that others can push to get the response that they want. I can remember when a salesman was very good at pushing the button of the love you have for your mother. He said that if I really loved my mother then I would buy his product for her. Then he asked me if I loved my mother. Of course I fell for it because I loved my mother. The fact is that I really did not have to buy this product to show my love for my mother. But I was not in control of the situation the salesman was and he knew it. I was very young then and away from home for the first time in boot camp so I was already missing home.

You can take control of these buttons by realizing that you have these buttons and know when someone is pushing them and then defusing them so that you have a controlled response instead of a knee jerk response. It will not be long before the person realizes they can no longer control you by pushing this button and they will stop pushing it.

Now you know about buttons and that they can be released by realizing when they are being used against you. You are now in control of the situation instead of the other person. Now you are taking control of you life. Which in reality should be the only one in control after all it is your life.

Now that you know how to take more control over your own life. The next step is to deiced which mind you want to control your life. Man has two minds the carnal mind and the spiritual mind. One is thinking from the head and the other is thinking from the heart. The carnal mind is only interested in what is in this for me. While the spiritual mind looks out for the benefits of all parties involved.

The carnal mind reasons while the spiritual mind knows. When you use the carnal mind there is always room for doubt about your decision. This is how we enter into decisions that later we regret because at the time we made the decision we felt that it was a reasonable course of action. This is also way we have the tenacity to quit before the plans we put into motion has a time to materialize because we start to have doubts about our course of action.

When you step back and take time to get in touch with the Higher Source and wait for inspired action then you know that you are on the right path. Then it is not a matter of if the plan will materialize and is more of a matter of keeping in touch with the Higher Source and taking the steps you are lead to take at the time you are lead to take them. Now you can go boldly forward knowing that it is not a matter of if it is a matter of when. Your timing is not the Higher Sources timing. Your plans are not the Higher Sources plans. The Higher Source is in control and is starting to materialize your desires. Now it is up to you to take inspired actions and being ready to receive your desires.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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