Renew Your Mind

“Let this mind be in you as in Christ Jesus” Philippians 2:5. I know there is a lot of resistance to this statement because of false beliefs. We put Jesus on a high pedestal because we believe Jesus was the only son of the Higher Source. The fact is Jesus was just as human as you are. Jesus became who he was because he we was able to connect to the Higher Source. This ability is available to everyone that desires to reach for it.

There are a number of examples of others reaching the same knowledge that Jesus had. I remember reading a book years about one of these, what we consider to be saints. I do not remember much about this book but there are two things that come to mind. The first was when he told a man who had a club foot to go to the shoe store and buy a new pair of shoes. When the clerk brought the shoes to this man. This gentleman went to put the shoe on his foot and was healed.

The thing that happened is that this gentleman had enough faith in this healer that he took action and acted as if it was already so. Most people would not have taken that action. They would look down at their club foot and accepted that the club foot was the true reality. The point is that all healing is already available within the person needing the healing. What these people do not have is a point of contact. They have accepted this issue as a fact but when they came in contact with someone that they believed had the power to heal them then they accepted the healing that was already there inside themselves.

There are a number of people who have healed themselves though nothing but the power of their own mind. The power of the mind is far more powerful then most people believe it is. There never was anyone who had the power to heal. What happened is all these cases was that the person needing the healing healed themselves though there belief . Be it though their contact with another person who they believed was a healer or though there own mind.

If you do not believe me go though the bible and read all the miracles that Jesus was given credit for was really someone else that came to Jesus as a focus point for there own healing. I know that is a new teaching but the facts bear them out as truth.

The second thing that really haunted me was at the end of the book when it stated that the miracles that this saint preformed though out the book should be the stranded of all christens. What he was stating was that he was not special that the same gifts are available to anyone who desire them. That if you believe in Jesus that you should be able to do the same miracles that Jesus preformed. Once you realize that Jesus was just the focus point then you realize you to can be the focus point for other peoples healing.

Here is another point I would like to point out Jesus give us the power to use his name. Jesus did this because he knew man would not believe that they had the power to be the focus point for the healing of others. So they were able to call upon the name of Jesus for the healing. Though out history you will find a great number of healing that took place by the Name of Jesus.

The fact is that not only do christens use the name of Jesus for healing. They turn a lot of their problems over to Jesus knowing that the problem will be resolved though the power of Jesus. What they are doing is using the Name of Jesus as a focus point to connect with the Higher Source. So if you want to use the Name of Jesus as your focus point or use any other thing else as a focus point. It does not matter because there is only one Higher Source and any one who comes to the Higher Source believing that it would be done for them then it will be done.

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom has two websites  Your Workbook For Success and Abandoned E-Books

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