If Only I Knew

No matter how much I learn of the Higher Source. I know that it just the very tip of an iceberg. I sit here in amazement when I realize how much I have learned from the Higher Source but knowing I have just begun. I look forward to the journey ahead as I know the Higher Source will revel more hidden secrets to me. There is a great loving growing between us and my trust is being straighten everyday.

I know as I pass from one phase of my life to the next phase that the next phase will carry me on until it is time for me to go home. I also know that this phase of my life will be the most important phase. The phase that the Higher Source has been preparing me for since the day I was born. The time is now and from this day forth I will walk by the direction of the Higher Source. Even though I have prepared a way for me to secure my future. A path that I feel the Higher Source has lead me to prepared to follow. But now I know that I am not to be concerned about anything about my future. My only job is to follow the guidance of the Higher Source. For I know that I will receive what I desired or something better.

My job now is to live my life as an example to others to show how they to can make a connection with the Higher Source. So they too may feel the love that I now feel. To become closer in their daily walk with the High Source. I have always felt the calling on my life to become a messenger of the things of the Higher Source but because of a number of different fears I did not follow my calling.

I, like many before me, have put off the following path that I really wanted to follow until I have reached retirement age. For now I an able to pursue my dreams since I no longer have to toil for my daily bread. Yes I was paralyzed from pursuing my dreams because of the fear of not being able to provide for my family. Now I see how foolish this was because I am not doing anything now I could not have been doing before. But yet I hear the Spirit whispering to me that it was not time yet. That now has the time arrived.

Another fear I had to overcome, which I know many others face, is the fear what others would think. I feel now that I have to stop hiding and share with anyone listening the truths the Higher Source is sharing with me. To boldly forward and let whatever happens not to be a concern for me because I have no control what others may think. That the ones that need to find me and my teachings will find me. That the services I provide is well worth the price that I am charging. That my customers will receive more value then I am charging for the services I am providing.

I know that I have helped many over the years though my writings and that I will help many others now that I am coming out of the shadows and into the bright light. That it is alright to share more about myself and to become an example for others to follow. May the Higher Source be glorified though my works and may others grow though my efforts. Amen

About the Author

Tom Robarge is the author of Your Workbook For Success
Tom also has two online stores New Age Discount and Abandoned E-Books

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