Why Are You Here?

I would say in the beginning but the truth is there was no beginning. I always was and always will be. Just as you always and always will be because you are part of me. I put a part of me in you when you where first conceived. I say when you where first conceived because you have lived many life times on this plane. Earth was created for you and it has been your home for many many years in your time. You have chosen to come here to have experiences.

As time has advanced some experiences you have chosen not to relive. You finally come to realize that these experiences where of no use to your advancement. How many times have you gone to war before you realized that this was not a fruitful experience. How many times must you die or kill others to realize that chasing human desires is a fruitless experience. How many times must you bury your loved one’s to realize the pain you are suffering is a fruitless experience. War is not out of love therefore it is now and always has been a fruitless experience.

Man has been caught up in the human experience for so long, he has forgotten that he is a spiritual being. Life time after life time chasing after the cares of this world. He has forgotten the main purpose for life in the first place. Life is meant to be enjoyed. To be lived to the fullest with abundant joy and happiness. To experience all the good things life has to offer. The joy of childhood, the love of another, the blessings of children, growing old together enjoying grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Finding you place in this world where you will be a service to others. Being joyful thereby bringing joy and happiness to others. Helping your fellow man find their place in this world so they to can enjoy life to the fullest. There is more the enough in this world, so none should lack any good thing. Lack in this world was created by man. Created though his wrong thinking. Seeing a need and not doing what ever it takes to meet that need.

As a spirit being we have dreams and a desire to add something to the whole. To be a service to others. To let our light shine though whatever talent we are blessed with. To have a personal relationship with the higher source. To be blessed by this higher source and be a blessing to others. To just be our true self’s. To be love and share love. To walk in spirit and light. To be free.

This is the life the higher source has for us. To enjoy our own piece of heaven on earth. To have no cares because all our needs will be meant. To have no fears because we know nothing can harm us while under his care. To know we are care for and loved by the one who is Love. This is the life God wants for you.



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